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Hello from Hamburg!!

Hey there,


Here's a short intro for those out of the loop about my Blog and ItCafé,


My name is Bruna and I am from Brazil, raised on a Coffee Farm in a small town in the countryside of São Paulo, Espírito Santo do Pinhal (between Alta Mogiana and South of Minas). My family owns a coffee business, Costa Café, which is where my passion for coffee came from, even as a young girl.


This Passion has motivated me to create my own coffee brand, ItCafé, but my curiosity and willingness to learn more about coffee propels me to travel and explore the business. For this reason I  have created a forum where I will share my research and experiences along this journey.


Currently I'm based in Hamburg as I just made the move to Germany as a Fellow from the Humboldt Foundation, and my field of study is Sustainability in the Coffee Supply Chain. Here I will be working at List & Beisler; a specialty coffee trader!


And I want to use this blog to share places I visit, things I learn, and information about Coffee in general. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, suggestions or even critiques! :)


Love and Caffeine,




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