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A couple of weeks ago I did one of the first interviews for the Project. The interview was with Henry Wilson, from the Perfect Daily Grind. His Blog and Coffee Platform is a place where coffee lovers can find all kinds of information, about production, roasting, consumption and much more. It is always very insightful to discuss sustainability in the coffee chain with people that are so passionate about the field.

Mission of PDG: We stand for transparency. We are dedicated to documenting the story behind the cup and exposing readers to the stages and people along the coffee supply chain from bean to cup.

And the interview:

What do you think about certified coffee (Fairtrade, rainforest, UTZ etc), is it a good strategy for the roasters? They have the potential to be beneficial to everyone since they are a way to better understand coffee trading. They are a first step in educating customers and provide means for producers to get organized and receive more for their coffee.

Is there a certifier you think is more related to coffee quality? Hard to say. They are not directly related to quality.

What is the most important factor in Direct Trade that helps increase sustainability? The actual relationship between roasters and producers since when they have a relationship and get to personally know each other, roasters can start investing on farms and increase farmers livelihood standards. 

Isn’t DT maybe exclusive for smaller producers with less access to information? Yes. Investing on cooperatives or educating consumers could be a solution.

What would be the ideal to increase sustainability in the coffee chain? Encouraging a dialog about it so people can understand better where coffee comes from. 

Which cities in Europe have the most interesting coffee scene? Maybe Norway, Denmark and Sweden but the “quality coffee” culture or the Third Wave Coffee Scene is increasing a lot internationally. 

Basically, we discussed a little bit about how important it is to increase consumer awareness for coffee quality and for the sustainable initiatives available. Unfortunately, a lot of people still drink really bad coffee!

Also, after the interview Henry asked if I wanted to start writing Posts for his Blog, which will be very exciting :)


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